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Chase and Ashley Southard


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Chase and Ashley Southard

Vision Baptist Missions

South Africa

We are Chase and Ashley Southard, church planting missionaries to South Africa.

Around the age of thirteen, I moved to South Africa with my father, Mark Coffey. During my time in South Africa, I started reading the Bible out of desire and not a mandate. The Lord began speaking to me through His Word. I started with Matthew, and once I got to the end of Mark, Jesus presented the great commission, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” While living with and observing multitudes of South African people who put their trust in ancestors and false hopes, God assured me through His scripture that I needed to preach the true gospel to them. I will be fulfilling this call in the country of South Africa as a second generation church planting missionary. We are grateful to be used by God for this reasonable service!

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