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Aaron & Aubrie Vance

Aaron & Aubrie Vance

Macedonia World Baptist Missions


During the past several years God has placed a special burden on my heart for Colombia. He has given me a love for reaching Hispanic people and the ability to learn to speak Spanish fluently. Colombia is commonly reported of as one of the least evangelized countries in Latin America. Though God’s word, open doors, godly counsel and confirming circumstances we are confident that He has called us to reach this country. We took a survey trip in February 2011 to see Colombia and he broke our hearts even more for this place and these people who need Him.

In spring of 2011 we turned the Spanish Church over to our Co-Pastor, Alfonso Gonzalez, and my wife and I began deputation to go to the country of Colombia as missionaries. We are excited to see what He will do through us as we seek to magnify Him.

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